A large wholesale business had taken no steps towards GDPR compliance and was very concerned about the situation because of the large fines that exist for breaches.

AW Training and Compliance was asked to come in and undertake full audit and implementation. We gladly obliged and put in place full systems, processes and procedures.


A business contacted us because a client had served it a subject access request. The company was not sure what data it needed to send. Was it emails, paper copies, electronic files?

The client in question had been with the business for many years and it was unsure how far back it needed to go.

We helped them successfully manage the situation. The request also highlighted the company needed to review its retention policy and the way data, including emails, was managed. Those emails included the personal thoughts and opinions.

We worked with the business to help it tighten up procedures and processes in this area.


We were contacted by a business who now had to comply with the EU Fourth Money Laundering Directive. They has no policies or procedures to comply with the law.

As the penalties are for non-compliance are so substantial we began working with the client immediately analysing their business activities and client involvement.

We created a range of policies and procedures to ensure smooth and efficient compliance and we conducted training for all staff.


A small business got in touch with us when they fell victim to a phishing attack which saw them lose £30,000 by paying a fake invoice.

We conducted a full review of the email and IT security and put in place measures, policies, procedures and training to ensure they were protected from then on.